Becareful Using Touch Screen Phones

Zurich, Switzerland – The position of the smart phone in the life of modern society is equal to that of primary human needs, namely clothing, food and shelter, maybe even more. Because supposedly use smart phones capable of ‘change’ form and function of the human brain.


Researchers obtain this conclusion after following the 37 volunteers daily for 10 days. 27 of them using a mobile phone touch screen, while the remaining 11 people wearing old school phone with a keypad. In addition, participants’ brain when scanned by the researchers used their phones.


From there caught when users touch screen phone to change the shape and function in one part of the brain, namely somatosensory cortex.


“For to operate regular phone with keypad, we just need a simple hand movement. Unlike when we use a touch screen phone, the movement of his hands is much more complex and complicated,” explained researcher was quoted as saying by LiveScience, Thursday (12/25/2014).


Not surprisingly, when the participants’ brain scanned, part somatosensory cortex in charge of controlling the function of the fingers look to do more activities, and even speed up the reaction and sensitivity owned nerves in the fingertips.


“In other words, when his fingers moved away, though unintentionally, then the brain will immediately showed greater activity, because our fingers became more sensitive,” he said again.


He then compared the changes in the brain on a touch screen mobile phone users with the brains of musicians. But the result is also not much different. In violinist, part of their brain that is associated with the function of the fingers also looks a lot more brain activity than ordinary people.


Researcher Dr. Arko Ghosh who is also a neurologist at the University of Zurich says this shows that the brain has a very good level of adaptation to the environment. But on the other hand, he also saw that these changes can lead to health problems, such as the emergence of chronic pain or motor disturbances, one of dystonia.


“As far as we flexibility somatosensory cortex can be bitter fruit because it can lead to motor disturbances, seizures and pain, especially when the phone is overused,” concludes Dr. Ghosh.


Dystonia is a motor disorders such as twitching sensation appears that appear constantly on certain body parts.

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