Coffee Prevent Liver Damage in Alcoholics


Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to cirrhosis or liver stiffness. According to one study, the habit of drinking coffee may counteract these risks.

It was revealed after the scientists examined 430,000 participants. The observation, two cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of cirrhosis by 44 percent.

Compared to participants who did not consume coffee, the risk of cirrhosis is reduced by 22 percent in participants who consumed a cup of coffee a day. With 2 cups a day, the risk fell by 43 percent, 3 cups dropped 57 percent, and 4 cups fell 65 percent.

“Cirrhosis potentially be fatal and there is no way to treat it,” said Dr. Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University who conducted the study, quoted from NYdailynews, Monday (02/22/2016).

Each year, cirrhosis is estimated to kill more than 1 million people worldwide. The hardening can be triggered by hepatitis infection, excessive alcohol consumption, immune system disorders, fatty liver, and is also associated with diabetes and obesity.

But scientists do not necessarily advocate to rely on coffee to avoid the risk of cirrhosis. However, scientists do not yet know exactly what coffee can provide protection from liver damage.

“Coffee is a complex mixture containing hundreds of chemicals, and it is unknown which is responsible for protecting the liver,” said the scientists who mempublikasihan these findings in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and

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